FREE Omnisphere Library: 1000sounds Volume One (543 patches)

1000sounds Volume One (Download Link)

Library Requirements: The patches in this Volume One release only use core Omnisphere sound sources and effects. A future release is planned that will integrate both Omnisphere Sonic Extensions and Keyscape sound sources and effects. Limiting this initial release to core Omnisphere sounds and effects makes it more accessible to everyone.

Mod Wheel and Aftertouch: These patches were designed with expressiveness in mind. Most patches have parameters mapped to both of these controllers. Hopefully your midi keyboard has both!

How to install your free Omnisphere library!

Patch Demo & Categories (click category image for a list of patch names)…

Volume One – All Rise
Volume One – LoFi
Volume One – So Synth
Volume One – The Big Bucket
Volume One – Guitar Tone
Volume One – Omnipulse Engine
Volume One – Keys Please
Volume One – Cinema
Volume One – Face the Bass
Volume One – Organic Life
Volume One – Ring My Bell
Volume One – Reminds Me Of

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